Dear brothers and sisters,
faithful, friends, and benefactors of our churches in Thailand — peace be with you!

Once again, I am turning to you for support, trusting in God’s grace and your participation.

Our clergy and church workers, who serve in Thailand, selflessly carry out their ministry, content with the humble and most necessary things, without imposing on the flock «burdens unbearable». But there are things that we all must have common care about, which our priests will not say, and about which I want to ask you.

This is the need for health insurance for our clergy and church workers and their families. Many of them have young children, requiring special care.

As the practice of previous years shows, medical insurance is extremely necessary, since we are all susceptible to infirmities and illnesses, and treatment in Thailand is extremely expensive.

You always respond with great love to the appeal for help the needy locals, the sick, the elderly, and children. The Lord sees this and the Church appreciates your labors. Moreover, our duty is to take care of those who on daily basis take care of the Churches of God here.

It is your careful attitude to pastors and church workers that makes their work prosperous, basically eliminating the staff turnover in the Diocese of Thailand. I sincerely thank God and you for such a good attitude towards us, for your care and understanding.

This year, we also need to get such medical insurance for each of our workers, especially their young children. I am sure; you understand that if a priest has a sick child, wife, or a parish employee, it is difficult for him to carry out his ministry calmly and with full dedication. Therefore, in order to help they carry their ministry without undue anxiety, I ask you to help our Church to pay the medical insurance for each of them.

In the current 2020 it is necessary to provide 28 people with medical insurance (including children). Usually, we buy an international group insurance, which makes it cheaper. The total required amount is 350,000 Thai baht or 11,650 US dollars. The amount is big for one person, but feasible for all of us together.

I assure you that, the clerics appointed by me have carefully studied and worked out the issue of medical insurance, choosing the best option for all indicators.

I know that all of you love your priests, treat them warmly, and I’m sure you’ll help them to carry out their ministry in peace and tranquility.

Therefore, I BLESS  to notify the Orthodox flock of this appeal of mine and to spend the next two Sundays (before the Great Lent) fundraising for medical insurance for church workers in Thailand in order to complete it by March 2, 2020.


The collected funds should be transferred to the bank account of the Orthodox Church in Thailand Foundation and marked as «payment for medical insurance».


Bank details:

Bank Acc.: 145-234401-4
Branch: 0145 Sukhumvit Soi 101/1
Bank address: 9 Rutchadapisek Rd., Jatujak, Bangkok, 10900


Upon fundraising completion, the Chairman of the Orthodox Church in Thailand Foundation Committee archpriest Daniel Danai Wanna, will make the payment according to the invoice from the insurance company. The payment should be made before March 10, 2020.

Paid invoice will be published on the parish sites of our diocese, for the familiarization of the believers.


Archimandrite Oleg (Cherepanin)

Secretary of the Diocese of Thailand


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